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Adopt - A- Chapel

This is a challenging but exciting time for Truckstop Ministries! The future is bright. God has blessed us with awesome supporters and amazing friends and volunteers like you, who are an important part of this ministry. In Luke 14:23 Jesus said, "Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled." As resources allow, the ministry of TMI really does go out to the highways.

The Adopt-a-Chapel Ministry is designed to provide a method of outreach for individuals, families, Churches, Sunday School classes, businesses, and corporations. It allows them to have ownership of a part of TMI, and it allows us to have coordinated support for our Chapels. 

The goal is to create ways for the body of Christ to support one another, to be a blessing, and to advance the kingdom of God by meeting the spiritual needs of Truck Drivers through training, teaching, and discipleship. With the Adopt-a-Chapel Ministry, your involvement (however much you decide) directly impacts the relationships of those serving at that location. 

This is an opportunity to partner with others to become more involved in mission work with minimal impact to you. The level of your involvement depends on you! 

There are four ways you can participate: 

  1. Through prayer — with our 10:20 Prayer Impact Ministry
  2. As a Hands-on Partner — Become a Chaplain, Assistant, Missionary Driver, or regular Attender/Worker/Member
  3. Financially — Adopt a Chapel at random or select a specific one from one of our locations. 
  4. As an Ambassador — Sharing our mission with others, encouraging their participation of reaching the lost with God’s Word.


10:20 Prayer Impact

Our ministry is committed to being effective in reaching those involved in the trucking industry with the good news of God's love. Therefore, the leadership of TMI is asking YOU to help us, through the catalyst of Chapel-focused prayer.

Is there a TMI Chapel in your area? If so, would you consider supporting the local team of Chaplains by being a part of their local prayer team and committing to pray for them? The ministry scope at each Chapel varies, depending on the location and available manpower. Your prayerful support could make the difference. Would you pray about heading up such a team?

Hands-on Partners

You may want to serve with a hands-on approach. Luke 10:2 says, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few.” If you have felt the call of God into the mission field, look no further! As a hands-on Partner you can choose the depth of your involvement.

We need Chaplains. If you have a strong biblical foundation and desire to teach or preach, we need you! We also need Assistants to support the Chaplains. 

Perhaps you’re an over-the-road Driver and you are looking for a place in ministry. Become a Missionary Driver! As a Driver, your mission field is endless. It may be as you travel, or at your next truck stop. Don’t miss out on this ministry opportunity.

Are you an over-the-road Driver, not able to be at your home church? We currently have over 80 locations across the US for you to choose from — become a faithful attender or member of Truckstop Ministries, Inc.! You can: 

  1. encourage and communicate with other attendees and members;
  2. attend and support your Chapel location as part of the TMI family; 
  3. be a financial supporter of TMI;
  4. talk with a Chaplain when you need Godly advice, or when you just want to see how things are going.


Adopt a Chapel at random or Adopt a specific Chapel location. Truckstop Ministries, Inc. has two types of Chapels. The first type is the free standing Chapel, located in strategic locations at various truck stops across North America. These locations require the most support and upkeep. Free standing Chapels require many supplies, such as Bibles, tracts, newsletters, teaching CDs, and other printed media. Interior and exterior maintenance — cleaning and routine cosmetic repairs — are also needed. Electrical power is another expense. What does it cost to maintain a free standing Chapel? On the average, it costs $150 for electrical and $175 for supplies and maintenance — a total of $325 per month. For a further breakdown of supplies or to find out how to support "Full-time” Chaplains, you can contact the National Headquarters.

The other type is located inside the truck stop facility, usually in the TV rooms. This type of facility requires much less support and fewer supplies. Some cleaning materials are occasionally needed. So what does it cost to maintain a Chapel inside the truck stop facility? On the average, it cost $150 for supplies per month. 

Other ways  you can help... 

In addition to the Adopt-a-Chapel Ministry, we are also looking for individuals, companies, or churches that would like to sponsor one of these outreach programs of Truckstop Ministries, Inc. which supply our Chapels: 

  1. Our Audio Ministry: we send out over 1,000 CDs yearly at this time; this is a great help to Drivers. 
  2. Our Bible Ministry: we ship over 2,200 Bibles per year. 
  3. Our Bible Study Program: we also mail Bibles Studies to the Drivers, as a discipleship tool to teach them more about God’s word and deepen their spiritual walk.

Be an Ambassador 

At Truckstop Ministries, Inc., an Ambassador is a Christian representative who has a heart for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the mission of TMI. It is a person that desires to bring the ministry of Jesus Christ into the lives of people, demonstrating how the Gospel can help a person live a more abundant life, filled with love, peace, joy, hope, and purpose. In other words, an Ambassador is a person who is "Kingdom-minded." 

The primary Mission of the TMI Ambassador Program is to offer a place in Ministry for those who are excited and gifted in promoting the mission of TMI. An Ambassador is a person who is bold, secure, confident, and a good spokesperson. If this is you, please join with us and be part of an awesome ministry reaching out to others.