24-Hour Trucker's Prayer Line: 1-800-248-8662


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You can also text the keyword ‘Truckers’ to 73256,
and get a link to give from your phone!

How you can help! 

Remember, if you have anything that you want to donate we can give you a receipt for tax purposes.Call the office if you have questions about this.

We are looking for individuals, companies or churches that would like to sponsor one of these outreach programs of Truckstop Ministries:

*Our Audio Ministry: We send out  CDs as requested to  our locations at this time; the cost in 2019 was $1028.58. This is a great help to drivers as they have written, emailed, and called us to let us know. 

* Our Bible Ministry: In 2019, we sent out approximately 2,205 Bibles. The cost was $2437.57 which equals $1.11 average per Bible. 

*Our Bible Study Program: We mail different amounts of Bibles Studies each month, so the price varies. 

These are some of the ways the monies are spent in the office to get the word of God into the hands of the drivers.

Other ways you can help:

 Support one of our Chaplains Raising Support

 Become a Volunteer

Please pray about joining others in this great mission field by helping to sponsor these outreaches.