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Chaplain David Owen

David Owen serves as President of Truckstop Ministries, Inc.


As a child, my mother would take me to church when she was provided the opportunity. You see, like many homes today in America, I was part of a broken family. My parents divorced when I was 8 years old. But, my mother wanted me to know about God’s love. 

I recall one particular Sunday morning when, at the end of the service, my mother left the pew. I thought she was going home so I followed her. Instead of leaving she took an unexpected turn and went to the altar. With tears in her eyes, she accepted Christ. I didn’t know why she was crying so I, too, started crying. The next thing I knew, there were several Deacons asking me questions. Being somewhat intimidated and confused I just agreed with them. That night my mother and I were baptized. I lived the next 15+ years thinking I was saved; after all, I had been baptized, right?
As a Chaplain for TMI I see a lot of people who think, as I did, that they have done everything required to justify or deserve Salvation. However, if we take a closer look we see that they are only going through the motions; they go to church, put money into the offering plate, they may have even been baptized as I was. But, unbeknownst to them, they are still hopelessly lost in sin. I have a burden to see the lost come to the saving grace and knowledge of Christ Jesus.

My wife, Donna, and I started dating in our mid-twenties. After about 6 months we were married. She and I thought we were equally yoked; after all, I had been baptized, right? However, one night God revealed Himself to me through a dream.

In the dream Christ had returned to claim His church. I remember that Donna and I were walking hand-in-hand down a narrow dirt road when suddenly, without warning, the glory of the Lord appeared. I remember that there was no question as to what had happened or who had returned. Even the cattle in the field knew the King of Kings. Without hesitation Donna left my side and proceeded toward the splendidness of His presence. She glanced back at me only once for a brief second as if to say goodbye. The love I had for her paled in comparison to God’s love for her. There I stood, left behind and alone on that lonely stretch of road.
I could have died right there with a sin-debt that I couldn’t pay for, I could have died in a car wreck, I could have died of a drug overdose, I could be serving life in prison, and I could have lost my family. But, praise God, He had His hand on me. I didn’t even know Him and He was watching over me; I wasn’t serving Him but He protected me; I didn’t deserve His grace but He sent His Son to deliver me. He had a plan for me. I did nothing but get in His way, slow Him down, and mess things up, but — praise God — He was watching over me!

That night I accepted Christ. I was washed in the Blood of the Lamb, forgiven of my sins, cleansed of all unrighteousness, and given a new beginning in Christ. The memories that once haunted me now remain as motivational tools to witness and disciple others in become fully functioning Christians building the Kingdom of Christ.

Now, Donna is the bookkeeper for Truckstop Ministries, Inc. and we have been serving Christ together for 25 years. During that time God has blessed us with 2 wonderful children, a wonderful church family, and an opportunity to be part of an awesome ministry for Truckers. We are members of Macedonia Baptist Church of Jackson, GA. I teach an adult Sunday School class, I’m a Chaplain, and the Director of Missionary Drivers for Truckstop Ministries, Inc.

We are committed to furthering God’s kingdom by reaching the lost and teaching the reached. We have an urgency to bring people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to share the love of Christ with everyone we come in contact with.

May God Bless You.

Chaplain David Owen David and Donna Owen