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Covid-19 Statement

Hello, everyone! I'm sure you've been expecting this post. We've all heard from every business & organization we're connected with about COVID-19 and what precautions to take:
2. Use hand sanitizer!
3. Don't touch your face without doing #1 or #2!
4. If you have to be out, try to stay at least 6 ft. away from others if you can. If you can't, refer back to #1-3!
There's no need for hysteria, as God is still in control -- but He also admonishes us to use wisdom!
As a result of the recommendations issued by the CDC, some of our Chapels may be closed for a few weeks, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Some of our Chaplains are in high-risk categories and some aren't, so the decision is left up to our Team Leaders at each location. Regardless, OUR PRAYER LINE (800-248-8662) IS STILL STAFFED, 24/7!
To all you Drivers: We're praying for you out there, that you'll stay safe and well -- and THANK YOU for keeping our stores supplied!
To our Supporters: THANK YOU for keeping our Staff and our Volunteers covered in prayer during this time, especially those who are able to go out and minister. With your continued prayer support and financial generosity, we WILL endure this difficult time.

Chaplain Jerry Lusher

Chaplain Jerry Lusher serves as a Recruiter with TMI


Shortly after Jewel and I were married, we knew God was calling us into something more far-reaching than involvement in our local church. I was a trucker for 18 years and had a burden to see truckers saved. I built a ¾-scale cabover truck with full bunk to attract truckers and talk to them about Jesus. We decided to get on the internet and see if there were any ministries to truckers. We saw several, and wrote them letters. Very quickly, we got a call back from Joe and Jan Hunter, the founders of Truckstop Ministries, Inc. They were the only ones to respond to our letter. We went to Georgia to meet them, and started in ministry at the Ocala Petro truck stop just a few weeks later.
After 5 years ministering at the truck stop we went full time Feb 23, 2006. While we were at the Ocala Petro we saw salvations, rededications, strongholds broken, and many other blessings too numerous to mention here.

In my role as a Recruiter I focus mainly on informing churches about TMI, recruiting Chaplains, and training. We usually present the TMI mission opportunity during a gospel concert at a church, giving a call for Chaplains. I also present the TMI mission opportunity to pastors and at men’s meetings. We have been blessed to have held Southern Gospel concerts in several states. We have ministered in churches, coffee houses, truck stop lobbies and restaurants, homeless missions, and outdoor concerts. We are seeing the fruits of our labor with the recruiting of many new chaplains from our last trip but there is a lot of country left to cover and much work yet to be done.
Our mission hasn’t changed since the day God birthed it in our hearts several years ago: to follow behind Joe and Jan working with TMI—starting first in Florida—making sure all the truck stops are fully staffed with Chaplains and music teams. We also sing at Driver Appreciation Days and encourage Truck Stops to host these opportunities to say “Thank You” to the drivers as we travel the nation for TMI.

We are now living full time in the second bus the Lord has given to us that allows us to do the work to which HE has called us. What a blessing—to share and encourage believers, telling them of God’s provision and faithfulness as we “go out to the highways and hedges and compel them to come in” to His house!
We are trusting God to meet all our needs, so any support, whether financial or through prayer, will be greatly appreciated. We will pray God’s richest blessings on all who stand and participate with us, keeping us in full-time ministry for our Lord, Jesus Christ.

 Jerry and Jewel Lusher