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You can also text the keyword ‘Truckers’ to 73256,
and get a link to give from your phone!


For years and years, the only ways to give to this ministry were by mailing a check or giving cash in person.  Later, we were able to take your credit card information over the phone.  And in the last few years, you have been able to give on our website through PayPal.  As time marches on, all of these methods have developed drawbacks:

    1. Fewer & fewer people carry cash these days, so when they’re inspired to be generous, they're not able to;  
    2. Checks are slowly going by the wayside as society moves towards being “paperless,” focusing on electronic/digital transactions;  
    3. Calling in to give us your card info every time you want to give can be cumbersome and, from a security perspective, rather unsafe; and  
    4. Even though PayPal fits the bill in a digital sense, we are aware that for some, there is a lack of trust due to one or more factors – including morality.  

Therefore, we did a good bit of research, looking for something that could address these concerns and take us into the future.  So now, as the Apostle Paul said, “…I will show you an even better way!”

We’d like to introduce our new giving platform:   Realm, provided by ACS Technologies – a Christian organization dedicated to removing the barriers to giving.  Whether you want to make a one-time donation or set up a recurring donation, you can now do it quickly and easily.  (You can even support a specific Chaplain or Chapel this way!)

You can also text the keyword ‘Truckers’ to 73256, and get a link to give from your phone!