24-Hour Trucker's Prayer Line: 1-800-248-8662

Covid-19 Statement

Hello, everyone! I'm sure you've been expecting this post. We've all heard from every business & organization we're connected with about COVID-19 and what precautions to take:
2. Use hand sanitizer!
3. Don't touch your face without doing #1 or #2!
4. If you have to be out, try to stay at least 6 ft. away from others if you can. If you can't, refer back to #1-3!
There's no need for hysteria, as God is still in control -- but He also admonishes us to use wisdom!
As a result of the recommendations issued by the CDC, some of our Chapels may be closed for a few weeks, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Some of our Chaplains are in high-risk categories and some aren't, so the decision is left up to our Team Leaders at each location. Regardless, OUR PRAYER LINE (800-248-8662) IS STILL STAFFED, 24/7!
To all you Drivers: We're praying for you out there, that you'll stay safe and well -- and THANK YOU for keeping our stores supplied!
To our Supporters: THANK YOU for keeping our Staff and our Volunteers covered in prayer during this time, especially those who are able to go out and minister. With your continued prayer support and financial generosity, we WILL endure this difficult time.

Schedule of Singings at North Baltimore, OH 2020

All singings are held at 6pm in the Iron Skillet Restaurant of the Petro at North Baltimore, OH

05/03 — Cheryl Hardgrove / Anointed
06/14 — Ed Ewing / Chris Baldwin
07/12 — Olga Kipp / The Land Family
08/09 — One Voice / Christ Unlimited
09/13 — Mark & Cindy Maynard / Rod Truman
10/11 — Mercy River / Jericho Road
11/08 — Homelighters / Fresh Spirit
12/13 — HeartSong / The Padgetts


PLUS:     Spring Gospel Sing
May 17 / 1pm–6pm
at the Truckers’ Chapel*, with:
One Voice    Miss Amanda
Ed Ewing    Anointed
HeartSong    Work in Progress
His Servants    Fresh Spirit
Chris Baldwin    Tina & Lori
New Presence    Evie Van Vorhis
*Bring your own lawn chair!