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Chaplain William Key

Chaplain William Key serves as Gulf Coast Regional Director.

I became a born-again Christian after being a lost church member for 11 years.  I felt the calling of God to preach the Gospel and entered into a Bible College for a year.  I took one year off to work and then planned on going back to college.  However, the plan changed and I was in the Army for 8 years (where my job was heavy transportation) and then Air Force for 3 years and obtained the rank of Staff Sergeant.  After coming out of the military, I drove a truck long distance and then locally.

Even though I did not enter the ministry full-time, I continued to work in my local church serving the Lord in the bus ministry, singing in the choir, and teaching.  It was at this time when I met my wife, Doris, at our church.  She sat two pews ahead of me for a year before I asked her out.  We were married 6 months later.  Doris has been a blessing to me in the family as well as in the ministry.  She is my assistant with Truckstop Ministries.

I started a men’s class in approximately 2000.  By this time, it had been 25 years since I had been in Bible College.  So my wife and I signed up for a correspondence course and we became graduates of Biblical Studies in July of 2001.

            One evening I was driving from Georgia to Tampa, Florida, and I stopped in Baldwin, Florida at the truck stop to have dinner.  I had seen the outside Chapel for some time, as that was a frequent trip for me.  Something came over me to go check it out.  But there was a controversy within me—I didn’t really want to.  I gave in and walked around the Chapel.  Something was saying “go in.”  Something else was saying, “it’s late, you need to get home for church in the morning.”  So I headed home.  I know now this was when the Lord started dealing with me to be part of Truckstop Ministries.  About six months later, I was in my office at home putting some presentations together.  I took my material and went to the T/A in Tampa and had lunch.  I went into the TV lounge and was studying because I was tired of sitting at home in the office.  I looked up and saw a pulpit and a sign.  It was the same logo that I had seen in Baldwin.  I picked up a flyer, went home and called Truckstop Ministries’ office.  They said someone local would contact me.  I figured I would never hear from them again.  About 2 hours later, the Team Leader in Tampa called me.  We met the next day, he interviewed me for about an hour and a half, and then asked me if I felt the Lord was calling me into this ministry.  About a month later, I was serving as a Chaplain.  Then my Team Leader wanted to step down and he trained me for Team Leader.  After a time away from Truckstop Ministries, the Lord led me back, and today I work with the Team Leaders in training, to encourage and to be a help to them in any way I can.  I also meet with the individual teams on a yearly basis.  My desire is to serve Truckstop Ministries in any way the Lord leads.

 William and Doris Key