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Covid-19 Statement

Hello, everyone! I'm sure you've been expecting this post. We've all heard from every business & organization we're connected with about COVID-19 and what precautions to take:
2. Use hand sanitizer!
3. Don't touch your face without doing #1 or #2!
4. If you have to be out, try to stay at least 6 ft. away from others if you can. If you can't, refer back to #1-3!
There's no need for hysteria, as God is still in control -- but He also admonishes us to use wisdom!
As a result of the recommendations issued by the CDC, some of our Chapels may be closed for a few weeks, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Some of our Chaplains are in high-risk categories and some aren't, so the decision is left up to our Team Leaders at each location. Regardless, OUR PRAYER LINE (800-248-8662) IS STILL STAFFED, 24/7!
To all you Drivers: We're praying for you out there, that you'll stay safe and well -- and THANK YOU for keeping our stores supplied!
To our Supporters: THANK YOU for keeping our Staff and our Volunteers covered in prayer during this time, especially those who are able to go out and minister. With your continued prayer support and financial generosity, we WILL endure this difficult time.

Chaplain William Key

Chaplain William Key serves as Gulf Coast Regional Director.

I became a born-again Christian after being a lost church member for 11 years.  I felt the calling of God to preach the Gospel and entered into a Bible College for a year.  I took one year off to work and then planned on going back to college.  However, the plan changed and I was in the Army for 8 years (where my job was heavy transportation) and then Air Force for 3 years and obtained the rank of Staff Sergeant.  After coming out of the military, I drove a truck long distance and then locally.

Even though I did not enter the ministry full-time, I continued to work in my local church serving the Lord in the bus ministry, singing in the choir, and teaching.  It was at this time when I met my wife, Doris, at our church.  She sat two pews ahead of me for a year before I asked her out.  We were married 6 months later.  Doris has been a blessing to me in the family as well as in the ministry.  She is my assistant with Truckstop Ministries.

I started a men’s class in approximately 2000.  By this time, it had been 25 years since I had been in Bible College.  So my wife and I signed up for a correspondence course and we became graduates of Biblical Studies in July of 2001.

            One evening I was driving from Georgia to Tampa, Florida, and I stopped in Baldwin, Florida at the truck stop to have dinner.  I had seen the outside Chapel for some time, as that was a frequent trip for me.  Something came over me to go check it out.  But there was a controversy within me—I didn’t really want to.  I gave in and walked around the Chapel.  Something was saying “go in.”  Something else was saying, “it’s late, you need to get home for church in the morning.”  So I headed home.  I know now this was when the Lord started dealing with me to be part of Truckstop Ministries.  About six months later, I was in my office at home putting some presentations together.  I took my material and went to the T/A in Tampa and had lunch.  I went into the TV lounge and was studying because I was tired of sitting at home in the office.  I looked up and saw a pulpit and a sign.  It was the same logo that I had seen in Baldwin.  I picked up a flyer, went home and called Truckstop Ministries’ office.  They said someone local would contact me.  I figured I would never hear from them again.  About 2 hours later, the Team Leader in Tampa called me.  We met the next day, he interviewed me for about an hour and a half, and then asked me if I felt the Lord was calling me into this ministry.  About a month later, I was serving as a Chaplain.  Then my Team Leader wanted to step down and he trained me for Team Leader.  After a time away from Truckstop Ministries, the Lord led me back, and today I work with the Team Leaders in training, to encourage and to be a help to them in any way I can.  I also meet with the individual teams on a yearly basis.  My desire is to serve Truckstop Ministries in any way the Lord leads.

 William and Doris Key